By Joe Lovinger

The pandemic rattled New York’s diamond mecca, and in the process opened the long-stagnant district to radical change.

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The Diamond District, known for its dazzling veneer, lays its troubles bare. Credit: Joe Lovinger

Nothing arouses a jewelry salesman quite like the sight of naked fingers. To walk down West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, the Diamond District, is to be constantly flagged down and cajoled by such salespeople. All it takes is one slip-up — spending a few too many seconds looking at a ring in a window, walking at too uncertain a pace, glancing down at an unadorned wrist or digit — and a roving salesperson appears. Some of them work just for one store, while others are independent. …

After four long days of waiting for the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, a large crowd assembled outside Trump Tower Fifth Avenue to celebrate the race finally being called.

By Joe Lovinger • Twitter: j_lovinger

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An American flag blows in the wind on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Photo: Joe Lovinger

Four days of waiting ended four years of waiting for those gathered outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Saturday morning. While the block immediately surrounding the tower was fenced off, a crowd of Biden supporters, or at least Trump detractors, cheered on the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, called by the Associated Press and cable news networks earlier today. …

Joe Lovinger

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